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The group meets every six weeks and an agenda and previous minutes are sent out to all members in advance.
The main function of the group is to plan, develop and deliver on projects designed to highlight Risky Behaviours and also to highlight the risks associated with those behaviours and the consequences of the choices made. Some examples include Big World for 4th year pupils, Small World for primary 7 pupils and Reel Em In for Young people who may be experiencing difficulties which could bring them to the attention of the Police. Sexual Health information is promoted and included in all these areas and is central to all individuals wellbeing.
Partners involved in the group include Police Scotland, LGBT Youth, Domestic Violence against Women Partnership, Alcohol and Drug Partnership, Sexual Health D&G and Fire Scotland. New partners are always welcome and should in the first instance contact Gail Copeland on 01461 207728.


The aim of the Mature Drivers programme in Annandale and Eskdale is to assist people, over the age of 65 years, to maintain their independence and confidence in their driving abilities.
By adopting this approach with the Mature Drivers scheme, people living in our remote and rural areas can remain independent for longer by having the use of a vehicle to get them out and around the area as and when they choose to do so. It is also important to ensure that people who continue to drive remain fit, confident and able to do so, keeping our roads safe and enabling people to maintain their independence for longer.
The main reason for selecting those aged 65 and over is that available information would suggest that 47% of slight injury crashes in our region involve older people over the age of 65 years. Whilst the level of slight injury crashes is high, what is also highlighted is the costs associated with a single fatality on our roads, being in the region of £1,000,000 for each fatality. Given this high cost it seems logical to adopt a more pro-active and preventative approach. As well as the financial benefits it also makes sense to make sure we all remain fit, well and able to drive and can respond to the changing road traffic conditions and that our cognition remains at full capacity to be able to respond at all times.
The full report and evaluation can be viewed here.