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Elaine Lamont, Public Health Practitioner

How long have you been in post?
I have worked in Public Health in Dumfries and Galloway for 26 years, but have been in this role in Annandale and Eskdale for over 14 years now.

Which geographical area(s) do you cover?
I cover Annandale and Eskdale but do work with the other localities in relation to issues or developments that need to be addressed on a region wide basis.

Tell me about your role and day to day duties and responsibilities.
My role is very varied and that's what I love about it. As well as managing the team in Sonas, I am part of the Locality Management Team and have responsibility for the development and delivery of several pieces of work within the Health and Social Care Plan. Unfortunately a large part of my day is spent in meetings but that’s ok if they prove to be constructive and are driving forward improvements.

What motivates you most about your job?
Lots of things actually...ideas coming to fruition and opportunities to improve and develop. I get excited about change and developing something new. Also knowing that you’re making a positive difference to peoples’ lives is a huge motivator.

What has given you most satisfaction at work recently?
I get satisfaction every day at my work. I am extremely proud of what we achieve and the team spirit we have at Sonas.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
It has to be about securing funding to support the work that we do. Often early intervention and preventative work are not viewed with the same importance as other services. It's quite challenging when there is less money around and lots of competing priorities.

What have you done previously (in terms of jobs and skills) which supports you in your current work?
My first job after leaving University was as a Trainee Manager in a new ‘American’ theme bar in Glasgow. I was part of a team who were trying to bring America to Glasgow. It was both challenging and a lot of fun! I also worked at Pinneys in the Development team before finding my dream job with Dumfries and Galloway NHS as a Health Improvement Officer with responsibility for Food and Health. I went on to do my Masters in Public Health in 2000 and well, what can I say, I’m enjoying what I do so much I’m still here!

How long have you been involved with SHAP?
14 years. My very first meeting of the SHAP was on a cold dark night in October 2003 and we met upstairs at the Queensberry Hotel. There were 4 of us in total but between us we had good ideas, the best interests of our local population at heart as well as motivation and enthusiasm. We worked together to actively involve others, identify what we could achieve and strengthen the partnership.

What do you consider to be the benefits of being a member of SHAP?
Too many to mention! Better use of local assets and resources, improved communication, less duplication and a real sense of teamwork...just to name a few.

How have you been involved in SHAP?
In my role as Chair of SHAP.

What are your hobbies and interests outside work?
I have a teenage son and daughter who ensure I’m kept busy at all times! I’m involved in the local Tennis Club and enjoy trying to play! I’m also a dedicated member of the Deep Burn Gym and really enjoy spending time there releasing the stresses of a hectic day!

For more information please contact Elaine on 01461 204639 or email elamont@nhs.net