Strengthening Individual & Community Resillience

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This group is made up of a number of partners from across all sectors - voluntary, statutory and independent covering projects which are very varied and reflect the diversity of interests of all those involved. The group meets approximately every six weeks.
The main function of the group is to plan, develop and deliver on projects which, in some way, strengthen individual and/or community resilience.

From raising awareness and providing support for Carers, to helping older and/or vulnerable people access services and activities to ensure they remain or become connected to their community. As well as this we support groups to access training and help create networking opportunities building strength and resilience. We work with communities, individuals and organisations, reducing duplication and making the best of available resources be they fiscal or time.

Members of this group have been heavily involved in distributing the Day Opportunities Funding in Annandale and Eskdale, successfully allocating over £25,000 across the area, supporting lots of activities such as Art sessions, Pickleball and Coffee and Chat sessions for isolated people.
The SICR plan is a working document onto which new project proposals and on-going work is recorded. All projects on the plan involve partnership between two or more members of the sub-group (although any group or individual person can lead a project).

Current/recent projects include consultation with community members across Annandale and Eskdale about the Integration of Health and Social Care, a Carers event in Lockerbie, supporting a craft group in Annan and a free Steps To Excellence for Personal Success course run in Annan for people from across Annandale and Eskdale.