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Time banking in Annandale and Eskdale
Time banking is a tool that enables people to share skills with others in their community and be rewarded for it- in time. So for every hour you provide a service for another member on the time bank you receive an hour credit to spend.

What can you do with your time credits?
You can exchange your time credits earned when you need something done e.g. you may want some hemming done or ask someone to help you with gardening. You can also choose to donate these credits to someone else who may need some help.

Who can join the time bank?
There are no bars to participating on the time bank. Everyone can join, it is for everyone.

How does it work?
You register on the time bank either via the post or the website www.timebankdg.org.uk. You will need two references from someone you have known for at least 6 months (NOT family) to be able to join. Once your references have been received you will be contacted by the time broker who will arrange to visit you and explain how it all works.
Once you are on the time bank you will be able to help when you have a few hours spare to do the things you enjoy. You will have the opportunity to get some help for yourself when you need it. You get the satisfaction from making quality of life better for someone else.