men shed

Lochmaben's Men Shed

Following an arduous search the members have eventually managed to find a venue which can accommodate the 6-7 people that turn up at each of the twice weekly sessions. There has been no formal recruitment drive for members but the group is pretty much at capacity, if there are more than 8 or 9 members attend at one time it becomes a bit crowded.
The members participate in various actions, including wood turning, creating garden ornaments and planters as well as restoring donated equipment such as planes etc. There is no age or ability divide and members share skills and experiences across the generations.Several members have long term health conditions from cardiac issues, diabetes, mobility issues to hearing impairment. Working together has helped to break down barriers and tackle stigma and discrimination that may previously have existed in relation to certain conditions.
The groups are always looking for ways to develop and are currently considering opening a 3rd day per week in response to members highlighting the gap between Friday and Wednesday as a period where they can feel quite isolated. Members of all ages enjoy the company and learning new things in a peer led (non hierarchical) way. It isn’t like school where someone is told what to do, it is more like a mentorship where members are supported to develop skills.
Future plans include a 3 year business plan including a new venue as well as marketing, recruitment and engagement with Community Payback and Ex-Servicemen associations.